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GB-201617394-D0: Shower head patent, GB-201617783-D0: Sensor table for single unit aftertreatment system patent, GB-201617874-D0: Hybrid bit with blades and discs patent, GB-201618153-D0: SMA smart controls patent, GB-201619882-D0: Paint-easy patent, GB-201620083-D0: Illumination apparatus patent, GB-201621064-D0: Version control for resource allocation modeling patent, GB-201621170-D0: Agent and method for the temporary deformation of keratin-containing fibers patent, GB-201621693-D0: Passive entry systems employing time of flight distance measurements patent, GB-201621781-D0: Two-wheeled trollies patent, GB-201621801-D0: Aircraft viewing system patent, GB-201621832-D0: Transparent etc sweet etc wrappers patent, GB-201622032-D0: Photodetector patent, GB-201700078-D0: Equipment security device patent, GB-201700085-D0: Future position commitment patent, GB-201700915-D0: Improvements in damper assemblies patent, GB-201701614-D0: Independent and sustainable relocation device patent, GB-201701779-D0: Battery sensing device patent, GB-201702047-D0: Therapeutic agents patent, GB-201702884-D0: Angled foam gun patent, GB-201702902-D0: First hexangonal close packed high-entropy alloy with outstanding stability under extreme conditionsand high electrocatalytic activity for methanoloxidation patent, GB-201703004-D0: Foot and leg exercise device patent, GB-201703021-D0: Chemical compounds patent, GB-201703190-D0: Microporous layer patent, GB-201703488-D0: A controller, system, method, and software for controlling the charging of an energy store patent, GB-201703749-D0: Epoxy resin compositions and their use patent, GB-201704695-D0: Wheel rim protector patent, GB-201705258-D0: Imaging agent patent, GB-201705556-D0: Oxygenation system patent, GB-201705805-D0: Sterilization device using hydrogen peroxide and ozone vaporized and combined through multiple capillary tubes patent, GB-201706591-D0: Rear trunk button localization for end user patent, GB-201706700-D0: Correction for speaker monitoring patent, GB-201707873-D0: Frequency-domain adpative noise cancellation system patent, GB-201708113-D0: Materials patent, GB-201710471-D0: Augmented reality system and method patent, GB-201712470-D0: A method of manufacturing a marbled, paper-based material. patent, GB-201713363-D0: Computer-implemented system and method patent, GB-201713380-D0: A kind of rubber suspension formulation alkyl phenol polyoxythylene ether suffocated succinct production device patent, GB-201713778-D0: Handbag patent, GB-201716285-D0: Fuel injector patent, GB-201716319-D0: Fuel injector patent, GB-201716446-D0: Volume sensor for combine harvester tailings return system patent, GB-201718165-D0: An apparatus comprising a roof panel and control system for opening and closing the roof panel patent, GB-201718197-D0: Goal posts patent, GB-201718309-D0: Sma-controlled tuneable microwave filter patent, GB-201718383-D0: Portal device and cooperating video game machine patent, GB-201720941-D0: Bicyclic peptide ligands specific for EPHA3 patent, GB-201720975-D0: Anti-alpha synuclein antibodies patent, GB-201721454-D0: Semiconductor photodiode patent, GB-8300313-D0: Arcade game apparatus patent, GB-8300436-D0: Fuel composition patent, GB-8301403-D0: Radiation interference devices patent, GB-8301580-D0: Basic aluminium compounds patent, GB-8302079-D0: Haulage vehicle coupling patent, GB-8302415-D0: Syringe actuator patent, GB-8302564-D0: Plug valves patent, GB-8302752-D0: In-mould coating compositions patent, GB-8303142-D0: Anti-gas locking apparatus patent, GB-8303466-D0: Childproof container patent, GB-8304160-D0: Security systems patent, GB-8304184-D0: Apparatus for producing spun yarns patent, GB-8306033-D0: 4-phenyl-4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-thieno 2,3-c pyridines patent, GB-8306663-D0: Medical device patent, GB-8307120-D0: Liquids patent, GB-8307822-D0: Rolling mill patent, GB-8308056-D0: Pharmaceutical compositions patent, GB-8308169-D0: Reduction of heat loss through cavity walls patent, GB-8308412-D0: Cat door patent, GB-8309705-D0: Golf practice device patent, GB-8309780-D0: Self contained light bulb holder/adaptor patent, GB-8310346-D0: Compounds containing beta-lactams patent, GB-8310494-D0: Deinking patent, GB-8311481-D0: Transfer rail patent, GB-8312021-D0: Digital transmitter patent, GB-8312775-D0: Seed propagation device patent, GB-8313151-D0: Writing board patent, GB-8313775-D0: Extraction of metal values patent, GB-8313978-D0: Electric arc furnace electrodes patent, GB-8314152-D0: Filter manufacturing machines patent, GB-8315795-D0: Portfolio table patent, GB-8316370-D0: Mounting means patent, GB-8316476-D0: Producing layered structure patent, GB-8317502-D0: Flow control apparatus patent, GB-8317577-D0: Level patent, GB-8318321-D0: Semiconductor structure patent, GB-8318512-D0: Synergistic antihypertensive pharmaceutical composition patent, GB-8318635-D0: Fuel injection nozzles patent, GB-8319565-D0: Catalyst patent, GB-8320283-D0: Scraper patent, GB-8320393-D0: Reclamation from steelworks dust patent, GB-8321611-D0: Dental compositions patent, GB-8321778-D0: Fuel injection control method patent, GB-8321940-D0: Secure closing of aperture patent, GB-8322548-D0: Automatic seaming machine patent, GB-8322601-D0: Garment transfer apparatus patent, GB-8323130-D0: Detergent compositions patent, GB-8324671-D0: Universal joints patent, GB-8325518-D0: Preparing polyolefins patent, GB-8326103-D0: Drilling tools patent, GB-8326162-D0: Cordless telephone subset patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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